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Blood Pond Hell

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  • helloalissa

    Bloody Hell, I just spent 400 yen to see this!?

    Price: 400 yen

    We decided that around half of the recommended things to do in tourist cities probably aren't worth it. This was recommended and interesting, but I wouldn't go again or suggest it for others. The 'Beppu Hells' are basically a series of onsen that are too hot to bathe in but have some sort of interesting element, this one being a high iron content and a red color. So the gimmick is to get tourists (lots of them) to pay (400 yen a piece or a discounted tour package to see them all) to look at an onsen we can't even take a bath in.

    Sure, there are cute images of oni that we can put our faces through and take pictures with, there are gift shops (with the same items all over town), photo opportunities, and if you're lucky, a foot bath. This location had a great translation of Blood Pond Onsen/Hell that would make anyone familiar with British English giggle: Bloody Hell Pond. As in, Bloody Hell, I just spent 400 yen to see this!?

    This location does have a (not so hot) foot bath, a tiny waterfall with a koi pond (man made), and a tiny shrine to sell even more souvenirs. The tiny shrine sells cheap omikuji – only 20 yen! I think the cost is offset by the entrance fee.

    Probably the worst thing about this particular 'hell' is it's distance from the rest of the hells in the Kannawa neighborhood. We decided to walk it, almost 2 kilometers from the super touristy Kannawa area, but it was a winding road with no sidewalks (or other pedestrians). Most people took a bus there. There isn't much of anything else around, but the view wasn't bad. We hopped on the bus back to the station after the visit. My legs were sore enough after walking there from up the hill in Myoban.


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