Honey Coffee x Tsutaya

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  • helloalissa

    on Aug 4

    Coffee and a book

    Tsutaya's second floor has a nice space to relax when you need to take a break from crowded shopping malls. It can also be crowded, but is a lot more relaxing and peaceful than the busy streets of Tenjin. In fact the first time I went, on a weekend, there was nowhere to sit. Early enough on a weekday you'll be fine. Honey Coffee x Tsutaya is open from 8:00 until '25:00.' (Don't you love it when they do that...?) Grab a magazine or book and a cup of coffee. Enjoy the view.

    There's a little tasting area, so "You can tasting" room temperature blends if you're choosing what you want. The coffee is on the high end and not anything special in my opinion. It was 200 yen for a small cup of hot coffee (Japanese Daily Coffee) and up to 500 for a cold press or iced coffee. There are also lunch sets available - sandwich, the daily coffee, and mini soft cream for 600 yen. Vegan donuts (bagels?) are also available. Some with awesome Engrish.

    The price is more than what you'd pay for drink bar in a family restaurant, but the environment is a lot nicer. There was good music playing and guests were mostly quietly reading or working. There's a great selection of magazines and coffee related products for sale. Honey Coffee also sells stickers and buttons. There's a huge selection of used books and on the third floor they have the DVD and CD rentals.

    Negative points are price, busyness, and that good music is on repeat. Staff tried to convince me to buy a more expensive drink after I told her what I wanted. None of the seating has a back. I think they are hoping to avoid people camping out there all day. There wasn't any sugar or cream readily available, so if you don't like black coffee, stick with one of the chains (there are plenty of those nearby). 



1 Chome-11-17 2F Tenjin Chūō-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken 810-0001

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