Kawaii Monster Café

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  • Bella

    on Nov 22

    Scary, yet CUTE and Tasty

    Japan maybe an old country with a rich history, but it is also known for its cuteness and weirdness. Kawaii Monster Café perfectly showcases these elements thru their design, food, and live performances. Discovering this café in the colourful and lively streets of HARAJUKU is not at all surprising. From this crowded station, it only takes 5 minutes on foot. Ambiance and Events: Colourful, psychedelic, sweet, and a bit eerieꟷꟷ you’ll feel right at home, if you’re into this theme. Seeing the staffs, walking around with their vibrant and over-the-top costumes already feels like THE SHOW, even though they’re just taking our orders and making sure we got what we got our food and drinks. Kawaii Monster usually organizes events and private parties, thus make sure to check their website for more information. There are times you might need a ticket, make a reservation, or you can’t enter at all. During ordinary days, you can go straight ahead to the café and pay 500 yen for the ENTRANCE FEE. There might be a waiting time, when it’s a bit crowded. Food: A total INSTAGRAM worthy! It’s uniquely crafted and it makes you not want to eat it because they are just adorable. The taste, on the other hand, is not that different from other pastries or restaurants. However, keep it in mind that you are mostly paying for the experience of being in a THEMED CAFÉ, catering to the weird and cute stuff in Japan. Some might say it’s mostly aesthetic, but hey, it is ENTERTAINING and you’ll probably get a lot of likes for posting a cute cake in your social media. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://kawaiimonster.jp/

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