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Joyfull Family Restaurant Aikawa

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  • helloalissa

    Nice Resting Spot for Lunch

    Price: 530 yen

    In Aikawa, I stopped in at the Joyfull to take advantage of a break between lessons and get lunch. This location is a good size with a sort of separate smoking section, although close to the entrance and restrooms. At least this location doesn't smell really smoky on the opposite end of the restaurant.

    I was pleased to find there's free Wi-Fi at this location, maybe it's a new thing in all the locations, but I'm not sure. It was easy to get online and I didn't have any issues with the speed, so it was convenient. I was able to get in a little lesson planning and research after eating.

    I got the Wednesday lunch special with drink bar included – Tori-ten Hamburg. This might be a local thing as I heard chicken tempura was an Oita Prefecture food, so it might be only in Kyushu restaurants. As usual the food was decent for the price and it's a good place to sit for a couple hours and rest while enjoying the drink bar. 390 for the meal plus 100 to include drink bar.


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