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Beard Papa's JR Sendai Station Shop - ビアードパパ

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  • MamaKiyota

    Delicious shuu cream from a small shop

    Price: 200 yen

    Beard Papa's is located on the first floor of Sendai station. They serve a variety of pastries called shuu cream or cream puffs. The standard types are the pie shuu and cookie shuu, both are quite delicious! Pie shuu has a bit more of a flaky crust while the cookie shuu is a bit more crunchy. They also have seasonal types that come out quite regularly including things like frozen yogurt, chocolate, strawberry, walnut, melon bread, and many others. 

    While these little pastries are quite delicious the shop itself does have a few drawbacks. During busy times at the station quite a line can form causing a bit of a wait and stock to run out. There is also no seating anywhere nearby so if you want to enjoy your little treat, you may have to do some searching. There also isn't any English support available. 

    A great quick treat if you are looking for something mildly sweet and not too expensive while in Sendai!


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