Panorama Park

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  • Saitama

    on Dec 15

    Ropeway, observation deck, foot spa and park in the sky with spectacular Fuji Views

    I am scared of heights and am utterly terrified for the seven minute ropeway journey to the top  of Mt Katsuragi, but I will do it again and again for the spectacular views and fun amenities at 452 metres!

    Panorama Park refers to the area on top of Mt Katsuragi and is essentially free in, but you need to pay for the ropeway to get up there unless you plan to hike up and down. If you read Japanese you can pick up a coupon on their website for a discount for the ropeway. Children under elementary school age are free. You can get a return ticket or a one way, if you'd prefer to hike one way. From the top of Mt Katsuragi you can see Mount Fuji, Suruga Bay, Awa Island and the Amagi Mountain range. There are various things to do up there while taking in the view. There are some nice eateries. There are observation decks including the new Fujimi Terrace which opened in July this year. There is also an observation deck with a foot spa, you can bathe your feet as you take in the magificent views. There are also some power spots including a small shrine, some Jizo and other statues and a giant pair of geta, traditional Japanese footwear that resemble both clogs and flip-flops, that are often wooden on the sole. There is a climbing wall for kids. You can walk part of the hiking courses or just around the circumference of the top if you prefer. 

    The ropeway opens at 9 am all year round, but the closing hours vary by season. At this time of year it is 4 pm for going up the mountain and 4.40 pm coming back down.


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