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  • Saitama

    on Feb 9

    Good for babies, not so much for older children

    Until last month there used to be two branches of this chain store in Kawagoe. One was exclusively a Toys R Us and this one was a Babies R Us. However, since closing the Toys R Us on route 254 this branch has become both.  It is severely lacking as a Toys R Us, but it is a great branch of their baby version of the store.

    They have everything you need for a baby or as a pregnant or nursing Mom. There is one section dedicated to Moms with maternity clothes which are generally better than in other stores around. They have some maternity clothes in bright colours which are lacking in other maternity wear shops where black and grey are the most common colours. They have a great selection of maternity underwear. They also sell goods needed during a hospital stay for giving birth. Beside this section is the area that sells food and necessities for baby. They have a pretty good selection of bottles, but have unfortunately stopped carrying Tommee Tippee bottles which they carried for years. You can buy nappies in bulk here and they work out a little cheaper than other stores, however, in my experience the cheapest place to buy nappies is actually homeware stores. They sell cribs, cots, high chairs, high - lo chairs, car sets... basically everything you need for a baby. The center of the store is dedicated to clothes and shoes and they have a really good selection. They frequently have special offers and sales. The right hand side of the store is the toy area. 

    This store has a very good nursing room with baby weighing scales, boiled water and a microwave. They also have clean toilets with baby keeps. This branch often holds special events.  



〒350-0026 埼玉県川越市Izumichō, 泉町 2-1 ウニクス南古谷アネックス内 UNICUS MINAMI FURUYA

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