Hibiya park Christmas market

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  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Dec 24

    Tokyo Christmas Market 2017

    After visiting already many of the Christmas markets in and around Tokyo, I finally went to the Tokyo Christmas market in Hibiya Park this year. I was surprised that this Christmas market is so big. According to the flyer there are 23 food stalls and 9 shops offering many things from Germany and other countries. They all had nice decorations and I enjoyed the illuminations at night time. I also liked the collection of wreaths with many designs. They even offer workshops where you can make your own candles and more! We have been on Saturday evening and it was super-crowded. You had to line up at nearly all stalls and wait for long time. We bought some sweets and had to wait for around 30 minutes. That was the only thing that was kind of annoying there, but it is a usual problem at popular places, isn't it? I am glad I finally visited the Christmas market at Hibiya Park, but for next time, I try to go there on a weekday, hoping it is not so crowded then.

  • BlueButterfly

    on Dec 21

    Hibiya park Christmas market

    Christmas is just around the corner, that also means it is a good time for visit one of the many christmas markets Tokyo has to offer. One of my favorite is very close to Tokyo station at the Hibiya park. The market runs from Friday, Dec 15 - Monday, Dec 25 always from 11 am - 10 pm. You can find many delicouses christmas food and of course Glühwein and some other interessting drinks at the market. There are also some stores offering christmas products original from Germany and also from other countries. The market has a giant-sized wooden spinning toy that gives the illusion that it’s powered by candle smoke. It is an original from Germany and was imported just for the yearly christmas market. It is very beaufiful and you can already see it from far away. But the main attraction might be all the showacts, who are playing on stage. You can find everything from opera, classic music, rap and party music for bringing you in the right christmas feeling. Please have also a look at the small christmas crib!




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