Salerno サレルノ

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Jul 4

    Flavorful, fresh Italian food

    Nagareyama Ootakanomori Shopping Center has a wide range of restaurants, some good, some mediocre. Salerno is a pleasant surprise because the food is fresh, imaginative and beautifully presented. Rather then the standard Caesar salad dripping in dressing, we got a plate that resembled antipasto, with seasonal marinated vegetables, thick shreds of good cheese, a pleasantly garlicky dressing and a poached egg. The Parma ham salad again was more like an antipasto plate garnished with fruit and fruit sauce to set off the juicy ham. Pasta dishes are not big, but don’t skimp on fine cheese and fresh herbs. We also had oven fired pizza, but gobbled it up before I took photos.

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