The French Kitchen

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  • KevinC

    on Jul 26

    A touch of French class in Roppongi Hills for dinner

    Roppongi Hills is always good for a special occasion.  Everyone is pretty dressed up here, and there are a number of bars and restaurants that can cater to those looking to splash out a bit more (or a lot more) cash than they would normally.

    One such place in restaurant The French Kitchen, located on the second floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

    Right away you know this place is class.  The interior is all rich browns and mood lighting.  A wall of glass looks out onto a cozy and private terrace (where you can also sit down to eat), and inside, a massive open-front kitchen provides the backdrop for your dining experience.

    We got here early evening, and the place was fairly quiet (we'd made reservations).  We were seated near the kitchen (would have preferred the terrace but it was closed for a wedding party).  

    We went with a dinner course for around 6,000 yen (includes tea/coffee), appetizer/soup, main, and dessert.  For my main I had the lamb.  Now, I'm no expert on food, but I'd of liked it to have been cooked more, and a little less fatty/oily.

    The service here was excellent.  Everyone was very friendly (not at all stuffy), and one waitress offered to take our picture for us.  

    Despite being a bit of a flashy place (by my standards, at least), the atmosphere at The French Kitchen was relaxed, and I didn't feel out of place (although the wallet probably did). 

    It's not cheap, but that's why we came here, for a special occasion.  And I'd recommend it to others for the same purpose.

    I do seem to remember feeling like it was a bit dark in there though.



Grand Hyatt Hotel 2F, Roppongi Hills, 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo 106-0032

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