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Kaldi Coffee Farm Kawagoe

Avg: 400 yen
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  • Saitama

    Small, cramped branch of the coffee and foreign produce chain store

    Price: 400 yen

    The Kawagoe Kaldi is conveniently located near Hon-Kawagoe station and Maruhiro on the popular shopping thoroughfare "Crea Mall". Cars are permitted to drive down this street, but you rarely see any use it as it is a narrow one way street leading from Kawagoe station to the tourist area of Kawagoe. The street is lined with shops galore and space is at a premium.

    Due to this the Kaldi on Crea Mall is smaller than other branches in the area and is extremely cramped. It is hard to maneuver a buggy / stroller in most branches of Kaldi, but in this branch it is near on impossible. You can get to about half way down the store, but if you want to get to the back of the store you are best leaving your stroller behind! Despite the size they have a fairly standard selection of what most Kaldi Coffee Farm shops offer. That produce that doesn't fit on the shelves is in cardboard boxes in front of them. Like most Kaldi shops they carry a good selection of seasonal goods, especially for Christmas and Halloween. They have less of selection for Easter, but they do sell some eggs and other Easter products, but I advise you get in early to avoid disappointment. They have a great selection of wine in this branch. 

    There is no parking for this branch. You can use coin parking at the top of Crea Mall or use the nearby Maruhiro car parks, all of which are charged. It is about a 4 or 5 minute walk from Hon-Kawagoe station and about 10 minutes from Kawagoe station.


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