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  • JTsuzuki

    Fish Cakes! Fish Cakes! Eat 'Em Up, Yum!

    Price: 150 yen

    Taiyaki, the fish shaped pastry cakes filled with bean curd or other sweets, is a popular, traditional sweet in any season throughout Japan. This is the main store for the most popular Taiyaki shop in Sendai, which now boasts five locations including one in Tokyo. More information about the other locations can be found at this website:

    This place is close to the station, though there is a smaller shop by the same name even closer. This however is the biggest location, with benches to sit on inside the shop as well as along the sidewalk outside. A great place to enjoy a nice bit of something sweet.

    The coolest thing about this place is the selection. Traditional flavors are available, some hot and some cold, but the signs in front of the shop boast new flavorful selections everyday. The daily special is usually 100 yen and is usually in the vein of seasonal fun, such as watermelon in summer or chestnut in fall.

    My favorites though are the savory options. The curry taiyaki is not known for it's spiciness, but can still be fairly delicious. Last week, I tried the Garlic German Potato Taiyaki, which was essentially bacon potato soup in a fish-shaped pastry, and it was excellent.

    Other stores in the area may offer alternative taiyaki options, but this shop remains my personal favorite.


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