Mei Raku

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  • helloalissa

    on Jan 13

    Handmade Chinese style gyoza restaurant

    I had made plans to go to another restaurant, but because of rain, my friend had an idea to visit a favorite in the station that I had never been to. If you like Chinese style gyoza, or any type of dumplings, it's a good place for that. Shu mai and shou ronpo (or dumplings with soup inside) are available in addition to fried or boiled gyoza. The restaurant has a similar feeling to places in Hong Kong and staff are Chinese. Most dishes are 500 yen or less, for fried rice or six gyoza. There are set menus available any time which include salad, rice, and soup. There are also spicy soups with soup gyoza inside. I got the set menu with a variety of fried gyoza for 1000 yen. It came with salad, egg soup, pickles, fried rice (with cha sui), and two each of the five fried gyoza flavors. I was curious to try them all, especially the shiso gyoza. The other flavors are nira, cheese, beef, and ebi. There's a similar variety plate for boiled gyoza, but there are just four flavors (including celery) and the price is 850 for the set. (Both of those dishes are available without the set menu.) My husband ordered spicy soup with the small amount of spiciness, but it was still spicy for us. It was a huge bowl of red broth and pork gyoza. The amount of food with the set menu was good for the price, and I was full even after sharing almost half of mine. I commented that we should get some soft cream afterwards to cut the spiciness, and literally a second later, the staff brought us each a tiny vanilla ice cream. I think that was just to be nice but not normally included. Open 10:30-21:00 daily.

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