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Tokyo Interior - Sendai Minami



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  • MamaKiyota

    Quality items, quality item prices.

    Tokyo Interior is a higher end interior and furniture store. The store carries high end furniture and household goods, usually in high quality but that quality tends to come with a higher price tag than places like Nitori, for example. If you are looking for new styles or hard to find furniture pieces Tokyo Interior is a great place to check out though. They also carry some interesting items that are worth checking out even if you aren't looking for anything specific. Their holiday decorations also tend to be more varied than other stores. Their displays are usually made quite well so they can be great sources of inspiration. 

    This particular branch of Tokyo Interior has a small cafe and play center for children so it can easily be made into a cheap family outing. There's plenty to look at and plenty to do. 

    Unfortunately, this store does not offer any English support.


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