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  • Aluma

    High fashion, low price

    Shimamura is a chain discount clothing store. I've been to a few different ones through out Japan and this one looks pretty much the same as the rest. I like this store because the clothes are cheap, yet fashionable. The have a wide range of sizes from SS to 4L. The only issue I have is that they don't sell longer sizes. The pants are usually about 3 cm too short on me and I'm average height. If you are tall, this store probably won't have pants or shirts long enough. The prices are really good and you can find some great deals when they have sales. Not only do they sell adult clothing, the also sell children's clothing and bedding. My favorite thing to buy here are their aprons. Since I'm a kindergarten teacher, aprons are an essential part of my "uniform". They have larger sized aprons which are nice to wear over sweatshirts during the winter. They also have cute characters on them like Hello Kitty, Rirakkuma, and Star Wars. Overall I like this store, but wish their pants weren't so short.


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