Hota shogakko Rest Area

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Nov 13

    Hota shogakko Rest Area - a Rest area made from an old school

    What has rest area to do with a elementary school? It´s quiete simple. The elementary school was built in the 70's and was closed many years ago. The city of Hota did not want to let the building deteriorate and had a very good idea. They have completely restored the school building and the sports hall. There is now a large market hall in the gym offering plenty of fresh local vegetables as well as fish and other delicacies. Even many flowers are available. The other rooms of the school were converted into common rooms, a playroom for children and several restaurants. Everything was left in the old school design. Everywhere you can still discover the old school blackboards, shoe boxes, tables and chairs. In addition to a Chinese and Italian restaurant, there is also a small school cafeteria serving traditional Japanese food, as well as a special lunch set as it used to be at the school. Everything tasted delicious and it was kind of cool to eat in an old school. Of course you can also listen to the school and sometimes they even play the old school anthem . If you want to experience something special, you can even stay in a room on the second floor of the school. The 2nd floor was expanded as a hotel. The classroom charm has been maintained, but of course renovated and you can sleep on tatami beds.

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