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    on Jul 18

    Used English-language book store in the center of Kyoto

    You'll find used goods store Book Off Plus on the 8th floor of the Kawaramachi OPA department store at the southern end of Kawaramachi-dori, one of the main shopping thoroughfares in Kyoto.

    Book Off Plus has a long section of shelving devoted to used English-language books most of which are in the 200 - 500 yen price range.  The books are divided into sections marked by English language terms.  These genres include, religion, politics, philosophy, art, travel guides (one of two very old Lonely Planet titles), cooking and TEOFL.  Each section has at least a handful of titles with books on cooking seeming to be particularly abundant.  Also among the non-fiction offerings a Book Off Plus in Kyoto were some interesting music biographies as well as those of prominent politicians and humanitarians.   At the time of visiting we also noticed a comparatively large number of titles relating to Navy SEALS, conflict in Afghanistan, and other works about similar conflict situations.

    Overall, the non-fiction selection is pretty impressive for a used book store and has the potential to turn up some gems (as well as plenty of duds).

    The selection of fiction at this Kyoto Book Off leaves a bit to be desired.  It perhaps goes without saying that there were some Harry Potter titles here and we did spot a copy of E.L. James' inexplicably popular smut fest 50 Shades of Grey along with some other titles that inspired movie adaptations.  Overall though, we found this section to be slim pickings.

    There are one or two shelves here dedicated to English-language manga.  We saw plenty of Gintama and Dragon Ball in the 100 - 400 yen price range.

    Book Off Plus also has a limited selection of children's story and picture books.

    It's not all books here though.  Figure collectors are well served with a number of shelf sets dedicated to figurines from Gundam though to pouting characters from anime showing off super oversized cleavage.  There are also plenty of trading cards in amongst the figurines.

    Book Off Plus in Kyoto has a small used clothes section with t-shirts that cover just about every color of the spectrum.  Used G-Shock and Nixon watches sell for around 10,000 yen.

    And of course there are the CDs.  Lots of them.  In this regard Kyoto's Book Off Plus is probably a better resource for music than it is for used English-language books.

    Hours: 11:00 - 22:00

    Nearest Station: Kawaramachi (OPA and Book Off is a stones throw from the station - take Exit 4 and cross the street towards Mizuho Bank.  Head north up Kawaramachi-dori, OPA is on your left after just a few meters).



8F 河原町オーパ 京都市中京区河原町通四条上ル〒604-8505

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