Takeshita Street

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  • Tomuu

    on Jun 19

    Great fun or a nightmare depending on your mood

    I agree with the previous review; unless you're a bit of a specialist shopper for "Harajuku" styles (or you want to eat the crepes) Takeshita Dori is going to be more about the atmosphere and the chance to sample some Japanese pop culture. Outside of the specialist stuff, there's little reason to come here for daily-life shopping, although as I remember there is (or was) a pretty large 100 yen store. On a personal note, there's a Murasaki Sports about halfway down Takeshita Dori as well as another branch just across the road from the street entrance / exit as you're heading towards Omotesando. You don't necessarily need to limit yourself to the main thoroughfare with Takeshita - there are one or two little side streets to explore. The reason I said about this place potentially being a nightmare is if you come here on a weekend / holiday and you aren't in the mood for crowds or slow moving people or which this street is full of, and if you try to rush, you'll only get more annoyed. Better to avoid the place all together if you're in that kind of mood. Otherwise, this is a great place to explore if you haven't already and should probably be on most Tokyo itineraries.

  • Saitama

    on Jun 16

    Youthful ambiance and energy in old shopping alley

    Pronounced "Ta-kay-she-ta" Street, I love bringing visiting family and friends here for their reaction to the name, before they know how it is pronounced! Invariably, when they see the sign above the entrance to the alleyway they snicker, because they think it is "Take-Shit-A" street. Apart from the funny name, in my opinion it is a great place to bring young visitors to absorb popular culture and witness some Lolita and trending fashion. Visitors I have had that are older were not so enamored with the place. It is crowded at the weekends in particular, to the point that you can't move along at a decent pace. You have to meander with the crowd or risk disturbing the order. There are some nice shops on the street, but it is really the atmosphere and the fashion that attracts people to the area.

  • kcsantosh

    on Jun 8

    Crowded Takeshita Street

    Takeshita street is a pedestrian shopping street with fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants. It is also one of the busiest street for domestic and international tourists. The street is approx. 100-200 meter long , but it will take you almost 10-15 minutes to reach from front gate to end because of heavy crowd. You will see a lots of fashionable shops, nice foods and different types of people busy in taking and buying. I loved the environment. This place is usally famous for young teenagers for shooping and eating. Near to takeshita street is a Yoyogi park. Usually this park is famous for conducting different festivals (country wise), and for relaxing in the big and lovely park. Access: Harajuku station on JR Yamanote line



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