Cafe Cotton Club

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  • KevinC

    on Jul 26

    Good lunch deal with drink bar in Takadanobaba, Tokyo

    My friend and I hadn't planned on hitting up Cafe Cotton Club for lunch.  I was half expecting that we'd end up in some kind of ramen joint.  Also, from the outside, Cafe Cotton Club looked to be a it pricey for us.  And it does look nice from outside.  The restaurant is open fronted, we a couple of table out on a ground floor terrace, and also one or two on a 2nd floor balcony.

    Anyway, we noticed they were doing a lunch special - 1,000 yen.  

    We took a table on the second floor, towards the back.  It's quite dark in there at the back.  The decor and furnishings look pretty stately/wealthy like an old-school gentlemen's club.  The chairs we were on were particularly reclined, and even made it difficult to reach up to our food.

    In terms of the food, we got a choice of 3 pasta dishes, and salad to start, and all-you-can-drink juices, teas, coffees from a drink bar/buffet type situation.  I think the waiter also said something about dessert but as it turned out we didn't have time to get that far.  My pasta dish was pretty sizeable (you get a choice of volumes - no extra charge) and tasty, and the salad was fine.  I'm always pleased to get a drink bar, and Cafe Cotton Club had the usually sort of selection (including some fresh juices).

    There is a smoking section on the second floor, and it is well separated from the non-smoking areas, so it looks like both types of diner can feel comfortable here.

    The best thing about this place though, well, the best things actually, are the value of the lunch, and the fact that this place has an open/outdoorsy feel to it.  Something of a rarity in Tokyo.

    Haven't been for dinner, but will definitely consider it if I'm ever in the area again.

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