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  • KpQuePasa

    on Jul 26

    Pooches Doggy Daycare

    I can’t sing the praises of Pooches enough. As a foreigner with a giant dober-mutt, [in comparison to the usual Japanese selection of toy poodles and chihuahuas], Pooches is one of the only pet hotels that not only accepts a dog as big as my American mutt, but welcomes him with open arms. The staff is not afraid of him, and they don’t stuff him in a crate for the entire duration of his stay.

    In fact, the main appeal of Pooches Doggy Day Care is their open-play format for pet care. Dogs must have a preliminary visit to the establishment before reservations are accepted, to ensure that they are properly socialized to other dogs. Dogs with the appropriate temperament can stay at the hotel while their owners vacation, where they will enjoy access to the entirety of the Pooches training space all day long, able to lounge on the back porch in the sunshine, play with a variety of toys, or -as my pooch prefers- play with the other "guests” at the hotel. All interactions are carefully monitored by staff, and dogs are separated into their own spaces both for meal times and sleeping at night.  

    Pooches owner, Kubota-san, is exceptionally friendly, proficient in conversational English, and a confident dog trainer. She lives above the business, to ensure round the clock safety of the dogs. And she (with the help of her tech-savvy staff) maintains the Pooches blog, which updates daily with pictures and video of the day’s guests, so pet parents can check in and see that their dogs are happy and well-cared for, without having to be “those people” who call and dote like sappy yuppies.

    Pooches Doggy Day Care is a wonderful resource for the Nagoya area.



903 Okehazamauenoyama, Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 458-0926, Japan

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