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Keiai Maternity Hospital

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  • Saitama

    Maternity hotel for a luxury pregnancy and birth experience

    Price: 600000 yen

    Excellent maternity hospital in Fujimi, Saitama. The building itself is very modern. It is pristine clean, bright, spacious and airy. The clinic rooms where you have check ups are basic in terms of design, but each is technologically equipped.  The patient rooms after birth are extremely comfortable, spacious and have a TV and wifi. They are quite like hotel rooms and you can even have guests stay at a small price to cover the pull out bed being made up. Each room has its own toilet. The restaurant where you have meals during your stay after birth is basic, but the food is out of this world. The chefs all came from high end restaurants. Each day there is a different genre of food such as French, Italian, Chinese, Contemporary Japanese and even sushi which is made fresh in front of you.  The waiting staff are really lovely and so friendly.  The LDR is designed nicely and not too clinical.  There is a hairdressers on site and you get a free hairdo before being discharged from hospital. There is also a masseuse who visits your room for one free massage session after you give birth. The whole hospital is kept sparkling clean by professional cleaners who are pleasant and courteous. During your pregnancy they have some facilities available for while you are waiting to be seen. For example, there is a free reflexology service for women who are over 20 weeks pregnant. They also have a playroom that you can leave your other kids to be watched for free. There is a lovely cafe on the 1st floor and they serve lunch. You receive a voucher for a free lunch there at one of the ante-natal classes. The ante-natal (maternity) classes are run very well and you receive a present at most of them. The administrative staff are friendly and helpful, the nurses are incredible, the midwives are considerate, kind and many of them great fun! They have a range of Doctors mostly ob/gyns, but there is also an anesthetist. There is usually at least one Doctor that speaks English.  I could not have been happier with Keiai, as it was a perfect fit to my personal expectations and needs. However, it is always wise to make sure any maternity hospital is a fit to you before signing on the dotted line. 


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