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  • KpQuePasa

    on Jul 26

    Otsukaya Craft Store

    Otsukaya fabric store, located just across the street from the mouth of the Kurumamichi subway station, is a hub for any sewer, scrapbooker, felter, knitter, or general crafter in Nagoya. It’s hard to miss the building - with a big red logo and store name displayed on the outside of this multi-level shop.  Otsukaya boasts entire FLOORS dedicated to notions, cotton fabrics, fashion fabrics, bridal and formal fabrics, home decor materials, yarns and crafts, plus more that I’m sure I’m missing. It’s not hard to spend hours wandering through the impressive selection.  

    For the patriots who are a bit more adventurous in Japanese Language, there are sewing patterns available, magazines and books for project inspiration, and a section with quality sewing machines.  

    The staff does not speak English (nor would I expect them to), but they are very friendly and I have yet to experience an Otsukaya employee who was not excited to help me with with whatever new sewing project I took on through a game of charades and photos saved on my phone. And when you need to go back the next day to get more fabric paint, they will get even more excited to ask how it’s coming along.  (they really laughed at the pictures of the teddy bear onesie I made for my husband)

    Compared with what I pay in the states for fabrics, Otsukaya is a little on the pricey side, but their selection is impressive, and if you have a specific project in mind, totally worth the trip.

    I frequent Otsukaya more often than I care to admit - and if you’re also a crafty type in Nagoya, I recommend you start up the habit too.



3 Chome-1-24 Aoi, Higashi-Ku, Nagoya- Shi, Aichi-Ken テ461-0004

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