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  • helloalissa

    on Jul 26

    Katsuki corso Hair Salon

    My city and neighborhood has a lot of hair salons. I really wonder how all of them stay in business.

    I got a haircut at a nearby salon - not too fancy, but fancy enough give you coffee and do scalp massage when they wash your hair. The salons here all look really stylish like they should be a hipster coffee shop. (I have seen at least two salons close by with a chandelier inside...not sure why that’s popular?)

    Normally I cut my own hair or go to the super cheap and quick 1000 yen barber shops, but since there are so many interesting looking salons nearby, I decided to go the not so kichi (cheap) route. I paid $25 for a basic haircut (no wash or dry) in the states last year. Here the going rate is around 3000 yen - about the same with the current exchange rate if you factor in a tip in the states. The price includes a quick consultation, shampoo, cut, and blow dry. Plus my hair looked really good with the fancy shiny oil they added. The price also includes a coffee from a machine, but they didn’t really offer one and I didn’t ask, as I was sort of busy. It’s probably best to enjoy the drink while waiting your turn.  

    After the relaxing shampoo head massage, I had two guys blow drying my hair at the same time – a first time for that. I think hair stylists in Japan are really skilled compared with in America. Even with my limited vocabulary in hair-salon-Japanese, I got what I wanted and it was totally worth paying for. (But I had to convince the stylist that it was okay to cut my bangs above my eyebrows so I could see, contrary to the current trend around here.) It's one of those things that feels luxurious but doesn't cost that much.

    When it’s time to get another haircut, I’ll probably go the 1000 yen haircut route, rather than find another fancy place. It was a good experience but I don't feel the need to use a salon every time.

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