‘A friendly community of housemates is waiting for you.’

Living in a share house run by Borderless House means you can become part of a friendly community of housemates with a 50 / 50 balance between expats and locals.  This makes their share houses a great place to practice Japanese and get local insights into life in Japan.

The Borderless House nationwide network of properties come with potential best friends, fully furnished rooms, and support staff ready and waiting to make the process of finding a house that suits you, and moving into it, as smooth and as easy as possible.


Given that each of the Borderless House properties have this 50 / 50 balance, if you’re coming to Japan to study Japanese you will have invaluable chances to practice the language further. It also means that you’ll have a community of local housemates ready to help you settle into life in Japan.

Beyond the chance to practice Japanese though, the emphasis at Borderless House is that of a friendly community. When we had chance to sit down with some of the residents, many remarked that living in these houses had enabled them to make friends that they might otherwise have found hard to make.  

When living in a Borderless House property, you can expect to be invited on day trips with other housemates, to have parties, to have the best cook in the house make a special dinner, and a whole lot more. Not that it has to be the same in each house. Support staff can recommend the best rooms to suit your needs and the kind of atmosphere you want to live in.

As a resident you’ll have access to a number of programs and events. If you want even more chances to practice Japanese, staff can introduce you to a language exchange partner from another of their share houses. If you want to experience Japanese culture or just go out and have a good time, events cover everything from Japanese kimono to BBQs by the beach.

When choosing and moving into a Borderless House property, there’s ‘no need for complicated procedures’, and the staff are ready to help you all the way. Even after you’ve moved in. Almost every day of the year you can expect to be able to call upon their help and assistance.   

You’ll find bags of info on the English page of their website, and friendly English speakers waiting to take your call.

74 houses, 729 rooms in central Tokyo!


AddressYaesu Ichigaya Bldg, Ichigayatamachi, 2 Chome−17, Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to, 162-0843