Shinjuku OLJ Language Academy


‘Leading you to a higher communication skill in Japanese.’

Located in the vibrant student area of Takadanoba, and with a network of support around the world, Shinjuku OLJ Language Academy is clearly rooted in academic experience and expertise, as well as being a place that can support your stay in Japan beyond mastering the lingo!

In fact, as soon as you walk into the lobby at Shinjuku OLJ Language Academy, you’ll get a sense of the social vibe here. The atmosphere is bright, busy, and full of life as students get together to chat and socialize between classes.


Sitting down and talking with students at OLJ, gives you a good sense of the importance of communication here. Not just in terms of Japanese. If you want to make new friends while you study, this could be the place to do it. The school’s lobby certainly seems to facilitate this; it’s a spacious but intimate area, full of info about life, study, and fun in Japan. Students get together around the tables after class, and we even spotted a darts board and a guitar!

In terms of courses at OLJ, the school has programs to get your language level above and beyond what it needs to be to enter Japanese universities and graduate schools. You don’t have to study here for the long-haul, though. OLJ also offers short-term study courses, providing the opportunity to fit an experience of study, culture and lifestyle in Japan into shorter time frames. 

You’ll find students from all over the world studying at OLJ, something you’ll soon realize once you enter the lobby. Anyone is welcome. As such, lessons here are, in principle, conducted only in Japanese. Don’t panic though, the teachers know what they’re doing, and support can be given in English to those who need it. While some of the students are here to get ready for higher education in Japan, others are here simply because they want to communicate with local people, in Japanese, of course.

Adding to the social sense of OLJ, there are loads of events and activities going on outside of class; climbing Mt. Fuji, skiing, BBQs, tea ceremony, calligraphy, … the list goes on!

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AddressHorikinen Bldg 3F, 2-18-18 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051