Jun 11, 2018

Change of employer/working visa

I would like to ask if it is possible from humanities working visa in Japan will change to visa working in construction company.The company is willing to give documents necessary for the processing of new visa.Thank you

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  • Tomuu

    on Jun 11

    I can't speak with any great authority on this but in my experience, changing from one kind of visa to another in Japan is about having the correct documents and circumstance, and not having anything on your records for immigration officials to create problems about. I'm not aware of rules that say changing from "visa A" to "visa B" is or isn't possible. I think Japan immigration has a helpline these days which you can call to get the basic information about these things. Good luck!

  • hellonihon

    on Jun 11

    I switched from a humanities visa to an instructor visa pretty easily. The paperwork was given to me by my new company, but I had to go to immigration myself. As long as you can show that you are gainfully employed by your new employer (or about to be) and they are willing to sponsor the visa, there should be no problem.

  • Eli

    on Jun 11

    It should not be a big deal as long you as you have all the paperwork correctly. The homepage of the immigration office does not always list all necessary documents though, so it might be a good idea write an e-mail and ask if in your situation additional documents are required.

  • genkidesu

    on Jun 12

    I also recently switched from a dependent visa to a work visa here. Like some other respondents have already mentioned, provided you have the right documentation and it's all filled in correctly, the most painful part is probably going to be the wait you'll have at the immigration office! I imagine the process should be pretty straightforward if your employer plans to sponsor your visa, since I imagine they've probably done it before and know the system.

  • Jackson

    on Jun 15

    If you have the documents from the company especially a contract or letter of offer stating your name, salary, working hours, contract length, it should be okay. But I'd also highly recommend make multiple trips to the immigration office, or at least make a call to get a list of things needed. I made a change before with proper documents, so it's definitely possible.


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