Dec 15, 2016

Large Size Stores

Does anybody has recommendation for large/tall size stores of clothes and shoes for woman in Tokyo?



I´m a german girl living in the center of Tokyo, but my true love belongs to the countryside of Japan (especially Chiba and Hokkaido). I love traveling in Japan and explore hidden areas.
I want to help people with my articles to get in touch with the Japanese culture and all the beautiful places you can explore.

Besides traveling around, I love trains, handcraft and my little rabbits.

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  • Ashes

    on Feb 21

    I know you're looking in Tokyo, but keep in mind ASOS and Next. Next you can shop in Yen which saves the currency conversion. ASKS has free returns too if it doesn't fit. Otherwise Forever21 and H&M have great sales and I usually find a lot of larger sizes on the sale racks which is great! Forever21 you can buy online and pay COD, you might find large sizes available online.

  • DaveJpn

    on Dec 15

    A lot of people have mentioned SAKAZEN for both womens and mens clothes. They have a store in Shinjuku, and the website also has some English information. http://www.sakazen.co.jp/shops/Shinjuku

  • Nednettinc

    on Dec 16

    I've had some luck in department stores, like IOIO (Marui), that have a sections of larger sizes. However, it can be pretty pricey. It's also a good spot to get large size shoes. I've occasionally found shoes that fit in places like ABC Mart/attGirl/similar stores that are "XL" or "XXL" sized. Otherwise, I've used international brands like Old Navy, Gap, etc. Depending on your size, some of their L or XL may fit, especially if it's a loose fit. I'd also suggest looking at the men's clothing if you just need basic t-shirts, cardigans, and sweaters--depending on your body type, those can fit pretty well and are a bit bigger than women's sizes. Good luck! I also am struggling finding larger clothes, especially that fit in the hips/shoulders.

  • helloalissa

    on Dec 16

    I'm not really a fan of buying clothes online (without being able to try things on) but maybe Amazon.jp has some good options and you can use the City-Cost credit! I'd imagine the clothes at foreign stores (Zara, H&M, etc.) are larger sizes, but even Uniqlo has fairly bigger (and longer) sizes as well, compared with most Japanese stores.

  • smallbigjapan

    on Dec 18

    ABC Mart always have more sizes for us foreigners. GU may also have sizes for taller people, and UNIQlo. Or OIOI. There's also a H&M in Shinjuku and there's another shop in the same street (I think) that caters for us. The only problem is that I can't remember the name.

  • Kikaykhe

    on Dec 24

    Online stores like Zara, H&M and forever21.

  • kcsantosh

    on Dec 26

    H & M has a lot of large size cloths.

  • BlueButterfly

    on Dec 26

    Thanks for the answers. Are there any stores for large shoes sizes especialy for woman?

  • Lyssays

    on Jan 4

    Online, you can try Nissen- www.nissen.co.jp (all Japanese, but Google can help). They have a handful of large size, actual stores around with their Smileland range, a collection of women's clothes and shoes in large sizes. Depending on how big your feet are, you might try Oriental Traffic (http://www.orientaltraffic.com). They're not a large size specialist but they do have larger sizes than most and the styles are quite nice!

  • Jackson

    on Jan 21

    My friend got lucky at Costco last time. Apparently they SOMETIMES have some.

  • Radar

    on Jan 21

    In Niigata, Bella Raimu outlets have big sizes. I am not sure if you have that outlet in your place.

  • edthethe

    on Feb 22

    The quality is not always the best, and I honestly don't think I've seen any in Tokyo, but shimamura and avail(same company) have sizes up to 5L and they are very reasonably priced. You can try things on which I find much more comforting than online. However I have bought online from nissen as well as ryuryu . There is also smile land, which has a store in Shinjuku I believe, but their online store is cheaper.


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