May 6, 2018

Pension schemes

Is there anyone here who signed up for their own pension scheme ( in the case where employment does not come with pension as part of the employment package) at their prefectural municipal office? Is there a general/standard procedure or contribution? Does it vary by prefecture? Thanks in advance for any help offered.



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  • Tomuu

    on May 9

    I'm not sure that I'm qualified to answer this because I think that, while I'm on some sort of government pension that isn't done through my work, I think it might be done through my wife's work. Anyway, it's all a bit confusing. What I do know (or at least I think that I know) is that my premiums are based on how much money I earned the previous year and that there may be some fluctuations depending on the city in which you reside. Anyway, I get my pension "bills" delivered in one go sometime in spring. (I think I may have already received them.) I have the option of paying them all in one go and thus saving a couple of thousand yen, or I can pay them each month. I tend to do the latter, at a convenience store. In my experience, the "paying each month" option tends to mean that I forget from time to time. I always end up paying, but on a couple of occasions l've received a "follow up" letter for being late. Nothing aggressive though. It's a bit confusing, because on the pay slip it lists a whole bunch of dates including one that tells you that the bit of paper can be "used" for a couple of years but at the same time they are asking you to pay by the end of the month (or sometime around then). On a personal note, I feel like the premium I pay is quite high and it stings more than a little to know that were I ever to move back home, I would only be able to claim back the first 3 years of contributions that I made. Hope this helps you in some way.

  • Candiajia1

    on May 9

    @Tomuu, thank you for such a detailed response. I do agree with you that it is very confusing( been researching). I was quite outraged by that bit of info at the end of your post about only being able to recoup the first 3 years...... now I’m thinking I may just have to go into my municipal office with my limited Japanese and try and make google translate fill in the communication gaps. I so appreciate the time you took to respond to my question. Cheers!


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Annoying morning futon slapping noise. What time is OK?

There's a middle-aged guy, living in one of the apartments in the building across the street from me, who hangs out his futon between 7 - 8 am and then bangs the sh@*t out of them with one of those stupid plastic slapping devices. Honestly, I want to take it from him and slap him with it instead. Of course, I'll end up doing nothing of the sort, but I find this futon-slapping at that time so annoying and noisy and am astonished that he continues to do it despite his noise echoing down the whole street and him being the only person on the street to do so (at least at that sort of time). If he was in my building I might stick a note through his door or something, but I'm not sure about the protocol of doing that when the culprit is in a different building. I'm also wondering if the 7 - 8 am slot for futon-slapping is a perfectly acceptable one and actually it's me that needs the attitude adjustment. Thoughts?


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