Oct 6, 2014

Which bank will offer credit card to foreigner?

I know that most bank will offer credit card to foreigner, but which one is most the most foreigner friendly. Basically, which bank have English speaking staff?



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  • Tomuu

    on Oct 28

    It seems a lot of people have had success with Citibank, and a friend of mine was recently issued with one from JCB.

  • Yuju

    on Oct 8

    CityBank I think.

  • kcsantosh

    on Mar 15

    MUFG credit card is the good deal for foreigners. Also you can try EPOS credit card.

  • Kikaykhe

    on Jul 10

    I use Saison credit card!

  • Ashes

    on Feb 22

    I've heard Rakuten offers foreigners credit cards. They're not exactly a bank, but give them a try if you have no success elsewhere.

  • JapanExpert

    on Apr 27

    Credit Cards seem to be one of the biggest hurdles for foreigners in Japan. Since Citibank was taken over by SMBC Trust Bank and became Prestia, the Citicard no longer seems to be an option. Both Prestia and Shinsei have affiliate companies for credit card services, but neither offer English support for the credit cards. At the moment though, Prestia seems like the best bet as at least they provide English support for completing the application form.


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