Jul 30, 2014

Get rid of furniture

I have some large pieces of furniture I want to get rid of. They aren't sellable, they are garbage. How does one go about disposing of such items?



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  • KevinC

    on Aug 7

    The cheapest way is to buy some "sodai gomi"-(large garbage) sticker according to the size of your furniture and make an appointment to pick up the garbage with the "Large Sized Waste Reception Center" by calling this number 5296-7000 or visit their website at http://sodai.tokyokankyo.or.jp/ If it is way too big, you may have to find a commercial waste service in your city.

  • irriizzzzzzzzz

    on Jul 25

    I see my neighbours just throwing them in the dumpster.


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Annoying morning futon slapping noise. What time is OK?

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on May 25