Apr 1, 2019

If YOU were to choose a name for the new era, what would it be?

Of course, this is just for fun, but I was wondering what everyone here to pick as the name of a new era in Japan. So, what would it be? 2 kanji, 2 syllables. :)



Games, manga, and ramen. Those three things make up my Tri-force lol.

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  • genkidesu

    on Apr 1

    This is such a good question - my husband and I had tried to pick a few before the official announcement. We wanted something like 永進 Eishin Translated as “eternal progress” - thought it would have been symbolic of a country moving forward and always striving for better. We’re kind of disappointed with Reiwa tbh!

  • genkidesu

    on Apr 5

    So, to add to this, I saw an article yesterday with four names that were also tossed up as potentials instead of Reiwa. They were apparently Eiko (vast glory) Banwa (perfect harmony) Banho (great security) Koshi (great arrival) Not sure if I like any of those, either! Maybe I'm just picky!

  • Jackson

    on Apr 9

    @genkidesu You win by default lol! But I definitely like the name Eishin a lot more. I love the word Shin for improvement :)


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