Feb 22, 2017

Maternity Clinic or General Hospital?

Quick vote - Where would you choose to have your baby in Japan? I had my girl in a maternity clinic but looking back so many things can go wrong during birth. Is it better to be in a big hospital with access to all services...



Travel, university exchange, JET Programme, eikaiwa, and a baby in Japan! In my five years here, I feel as though I've collected a few experiences worth sharing.

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  • edthethe

    on Feb 22

    I did a clinic as well and it was a terrible experience. I think clinics are hit or miss. All the stories from the larger hospitals have been really good though. If I could, I'd actually look for a mid wife clinic, but that's me.

  • Aluma

    on Feb 22

    I had my daughter in a maternity clinic. It went really well and I felt very well cared for. The big hospital in my area is very busy. I know that I would be worried that I wouldn't receive as much personal attention because there are so many other patients.

  • Ashes

    on Feb 22

    I had a great experience at my maternity clinic too Alina. We've moved since though and it seems like Edthethe mentioned, it'll be luck of the draw for the next one.

  • Saitama

    on Feb 22

    I am TOTALLY biased!! I had an amazing amazing amazing experience at my clinic and couldn't do a big hospital after it. Actually don't know if you can really call it a clinic though, its kind of a cross between a clinic and a maternity hospital, but what suits it most: a maternity hotel!!

  • SilviaS15

    on Feb 23

    Yamagucci hospital in Funabashi next to Nishi Funabashi Station was amazing! They are still my obgyn. Even the food was amazing! Also they have many foreigners there so they're used to being a little more delicate.

  • Heath320

    on Feb 23

    I did a hospital last time and loved it. I had great care and everyone is really nice. This pregnancy I have gone to a different hospital since I live in a new area and they are just as nice and accommodating. Even though they are really busy the doctor spent a lot of time with me discussing stuff and making sure everything was fine

  • LostgirlCA

    on Mar 1

    I had my daughter at a small countryside ladies clinic in February 2016. It was literally across the road from my apartment where I lived at the time. The main reason I chose it was because the head doctor is married to a Canadian and can speak some English. Although she actually spends very little time in Japan so I rarely saw her throughout all my checkups. From my first scan to my last scan (every 4 weeks up to 36 weeks then every 2 weeks until due date then every few days of being over due) they were very thorough with their checks. They always took their time with the scans and tried to make sure I got a good picture to take home. I ended up having a really complicated delivery with lots of problems and I'm not convinced they handled it well. I wonder how a bigger hospital would have dealt with the complications. The clinic was a no drug clinic. Which included after care drugs too. I was in a lot of pain so found it difficult to enjoy my stay. Although if I hadn't been in pain and my birth had gone to plan I think I would be calling it a maternity hotel haha ! Amazing food! My hair washed and dried! Facials! Massages ! Daily foot massages !

  • Amandee

    on Apr 25

    I had a fantastic experience with my maternity clinic! However, my choices were limited to a kinda shady and old general hospital in my city, newer hospital of good reputation 1.5 hours away, or a sprinkling of clinics in between.

  • Babina

    on May 19

    I think bigger hospitals are better equipped specially with research centre. Even doctors I think are more experienced.

  • ExploringJapan

    on Jun 11

    I just gave birth 3 weeks ago in a hospital. And i can say i was well taken cared of. Its just that they dont handle vaginal birth after caesarian even i wanted too. So i undergone repeat cs.


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