Feb 23, 2017

Drift Racing

I wonder how many people would be interested in connecting for Drift racing events. I feel like I am the only female foreigner interested... is there another unicorn like myself out there?



I am a car freak!

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  • Jackson

    on Feb 24

    Given the Gunma pref. being the home of Initial D and some awesome mountains, there is a drifting scene out there. Somewhat accessible from Chiba :)

  • Aluma

    on Feb 23

    I've never seen one before, but it does sound like fun! I'm not sure if there are any in my area, though.

  • Saitama

    on Feb 23

    I would love to go someday. I know its not the same, but I enjoy Motegi. How do you know when and where the drift races are on!?

  • SilviaS15

    on Feb 23

    There is one March 5th at Mobara Twin Circuit. (Chiba) My husband is in the line up.

  • SilviaS15

    on Feb 25

    Thanks Jackson, I have been to Gunma Several times. I do know one foreigner that follows the underground drifting. But that's illegal and against our racing team rules to even attend. I have a foreign friend that does drifting in Tochigi and we sometimes meet at events. I just wondered if there were more that went to other events outside of their area.

  • LostgirlCA

    on Feb 26

    I really really hope I can go when I move out the countryside and into the city !


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