Jun 26, 2018

Confused. Please Tell me if you're familiar with Tim Wise?

Nobita, I listened to your uninformed diatribe regarding black Americans not letting the past go. You need to listen to "Tim Wise, Pathology of White Priviledge"... He's a white American and puts your assumptions and erroneous misgivings about blacks to shame... Extremely gifted and educated....

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  • City-Cost

    on Jun 26

    @William7141 - Maybe what you are referring to is a video embedded in one of Nobita's posts, if so, it would be better to give your opinion or address your concerns in the comments section below the post (or the video), and that way Nobita might be able to respond. Best,


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Therapy Cats

Hello! I heard it was hard to find apartments that accept pets in Japan. I have a therapy cat who will absolutely have to come with me on my journey. Does anyone know if Japan apartments recognize therapy cats or how hard would it be to get my baby accepted? Thank you for the help!


on Jul 12

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Any birthday idea?

It's my boyfriend birthday next month! I'm thinking about how to celebrate his birthday in Tokyo. We used to go abroad, but this time we would like to celebrate in Japan. Would be glad if your could recommend restaurants or any events in August? or how to celebrate in extra special way?


on Jul 10

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Your favorite summer getaway spots?

Any favorite places you all have to get away to during the stinking hot summer months? I would love a long weekend away somewhere (ideally cooler!) We did Hakodate/Aomori one summer and really enjoyed it. Would love to hear your suggestions.


on Jun 12

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Anybody know what these are?

Anybody know what these (larva, eggs, pupa...?) are and more importantly what (insect?) they will become? Thank you


on Jun 4