Jul 12, 2015

Recycle Shops in Saga

Where are the recycle shops in Saga located?

2 Answers

2 Answers

  • Tomuu

    on Jul 13

    Hi there! I don't know where exactly you are in Saga, but there seem to be a number of options fairly near to Saga station. Recycle Shop FLY-Z: 1-2 km south-east of Saga station ... FLY-Z homepage: http://fly-z.jp/ FLY-Z Saga shop blog: http://fly-z.jp/blog/saga/ Access/map/hours: http://itp.ne.jp/shop/KN4108052400000586/ センヤイチバ(senyaichiba)Recycle/Outlet: About 2 km south of Saga station. Details: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952287477/index.html Hard Off/Off House/Hobby Off: This place should be good, about 4 km south of Saga station ... Details: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952347556/index.html 食品生活館/shokuhin seikatsu kan: About 2 km north of Saga station ... Details: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952365721/index.html リサイクルマート/Recycle Mart: About 3 km west of Saga station ... Company homepage: http://www.recyclemart.jp/ Access/map: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952978800/access.html Details: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952978800/index.html ニューぽーん/New Pawn: About 1 km north of Saga station ... Company homepage: http://www.newpawn.co.jp/ Details: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952322222/index.html Access/map: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952322222/access.html Hope this is enough to get you started. I'll add more if I find any.

  • Tomuu

    on Jul 13

    This place could be good, Manga Souko, south of Saga station. https://www.mangasouko.com/en/ http://kaitoridan.sho-sei.jp/


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