Jul 12, 2015

Recycle Shops in Saga

Where are the recycle shops in Saga located?

2 Answers

  • Tomuu

    on Jul 13

    Hi there! I don't know where exactly you are in Saga, but there seem to be a number of options fairly near to Saga station. Recycle Shop FLY-Z: 1-2 km south-east of Saga station ... FLY-Z homepage: http://fly-z.jp/ FLY-Z Saga shop blog: http://fly-z.jp/blog/saga/ Access/map/hours: http://itp.ne.jp/shop/KN4108052400000586/ センヤイチバ(senyaichiba)Recycle/Outlet: About 2 km south of Saga station. Details: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952287477/index.html Hard Off/Off House/Hobby Off: This place should be good, about 4 km south of Saga station ... Details: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952347556/index.html 食品生活館/shokuhin seikatsu kan: About 2 km north of Saga station ... Details: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952365721/index.html リサイクルマート/Recycle Mart: About 3 km west of Saga station ... Company homepage: http://www.recyclemart.jp/ Access/map: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952978800/access.html Details: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952978800/index.html ニューぽーん/New Pawn: About 1 km north of Saga station ... Company homepage: http://www.newpawn.co.jp/ Details: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952322222/index.html Access/map: http://nttbj.itp.ne.jp/0952322222/access.html Hope this is enough to get you started. I'll add more if I find any.

  • Tomuu

    on Jul 13

    This place could be good, Manga Souko, south of Saga station. https://www.mangasouko.com/en/ http://kaitoridan.sho-sei.jp/


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Annoying morning futon slapping noise. What time is OK?

There's a middle-aged guy, living in one of the apartments in the building across the street from me, who hangs out his futon between 7 - 8 am and then bangs the sh@*t out of them with one of those stupid plastic slapping devices. Honestly, I want to take it from him and slap him with it instead. Of course, I'll end up doing nothing of the sort, but I find this futon-slapping at that time so annoying and noisy and am astonished that he continues to do it despite his noise echoing down the whole street and him being the only person on the street to do so (at least at that sort of time). If he was in my building I might stick a note through his door or something, but I'm not sure about the protocol of doing that when the culprit is in a different building. I'm also wondering if the 7 - 8 am slot for futon-slapping is a perfectly acceptable one and actually it's me that needs the attitude adjustment. Thoughts?


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