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Easter eggs in Japan

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy chocolate easter eggs in Tokyo? I'm thinking Cadbury cream eggs, mini eggs, stuff like that. I've been in Japan a while and never been bothered by it but I've got some young nephews visiting around that time so I'd like to try and get them something for easter.

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Kaldi sometimes has the Easter candy you mentioned.


I've always struggled to find Cadbury Creme eggs and the like, but you can get some American and European brand Easter eggs at shops like Plaza/Miniplaza as well as some international food shops, e.g. Kaldi, or the international food one that tends to be in/near the big Aeon supermarkets. A lot of the Easter imports get marketed as White Day products, though, so there's not that much left now. If visiting physical stores doesn't yield any results, you could probably still give the Foreign Buyer's Club - - a try! Good luck!


I was in a Miniplaza during lunch and saw that they had some chocolates wrapped up in bunny rabbit packaging. Maybe there is more to come. It could still be a bit early, as I hear that Easter is a bit later this year.


There were quite a few places selling them in Saitama last year, so I am optimistic for Tokyo! When all else fails you can pick up a Lindt Easter bunny in one of the Lindt stores in Tokyo. :-) Or the Kinder surprise eggs are in quite a few places now, including Sony Plaza and Kaldi.


@Saitama Thanks. I hadn't thought about Lindt Although, I'm not sure the nephews will fully appreciate the branding of that one!!!


@Lyss @Aluma Thanks for the tips. I haven't had chance to get to a Kaldi yet, so I'm hoping that will turn something up.
In the end, I suppose I can just improvise with some Japanese novelty. I'd quite like to get some cream eggs for myself though!


Too late for this year, but maybe if interest for another year. Many of the 100 yen stores have started selling plastic eggs around Easter. Fill these with assorted treats / surprises and they work really well for Easter egg hunts. Also if you're really craving the Cadbury cream eggs, try making them yourself - they really aren't that hard. Maybe a project suitable to do with bigger kids. Here's a recipe you can try -


@JapanExpert Thanks for the input. Yep, something to think about for next year. Making my own cream eggs had never occurred to me.



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