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Nightlife for twenty-somethings?

Hi! Somebody asked me where they should bring a 22 year old and a 24 year old at night in Tokyo. I dread to admit it but my twenty something days are quite a bit behind me! "In my day!" we went to Roppongi, Ageha and Shibuya, occasionally Shinjuku, when we were going drinking or clubbing in Tokyo. Where are the "in" spots now? And have you any recommendations for some really cool places to bring a 22 and 24 year old? Thanks a million.

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Looking at the lack of responses, it seems like most of us here are either not in Tokyo, or we're also beyond the 20s days haha.

This idea might be different from what you're looking for, but just an idea could be to bring them to one of those "international exchange parties" so that they can meet some local people and let THEM bring you guys to the after parties. :)


Club Camelot in Shibuya is probably a safe option, without knowing what their tastes are.

In fact, either Roppongi or Shibuya are still probably the best places in Tokyo for a night out when you're in your 20s.

Jumanji 55 in Roppongi usually attracts plenty of young things, both Japanese and foreign, and is usually pretty cheap and cheerful, although I haven't been in a while and can no longer be sure about the best nights.


I was in Tokyo recently and found that the night goes quite long in Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ikekuburo. Walking around and hopping into random bars would be fun.

A notable visit spot could be Kabukichou. It's shady and a bit dirty, but it's quite eye-opening seeing a different side of Tokyo. Also the infamous Robot Restaurant is there!



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