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  • helloalissa

    on Dec 29

    A bread shop near Kurume City Plaza

    I had seen this shop before as it's in a very convenient area, across from the Kurume City Plaza and also on the street full of banks close to a shotengai, a mall called Kurumeria, and Nishitetsu Kurume Station. On a recent bank visit, I stopped in.

    Kimura-ya is obviously a chain, as I noticed the tiny bread shop on the first floor of Kurumeria is the same name and products. I also noticed, first of all, a serious lack of fresh baked bread smell. All of the products are individually wrapped as if they were being sold in a supermarket. It's apparently a 'wholesale bakery.'

    The prices aren't ridiculous for the area, and the point is, it's a super convenient stop for a light lunch while working in the neighborhood. There is a seating area inside, and for 130 yen, you can get any drink from their instant coffee machine. (And for only 100 yen if you buy cake!) There are also slices of cakes in the case at the counter as well as refrigerated drinks like juice and milk.

    The big product seemed to be their niku-man, which I didn't try. Even at the advertised 30% off, they were quite expensive and only sold in three or five packs. I do like niku-man as a sort of winter hokairo-food, but I decided on the recommended 'triangle soboro' for 110 yen plus tax. I wasn't sure what it was exactly, but it was spongy looking triangle cut thick bread with a few random raisins and a crusty top that made me think it might be like coffee cake.

    Back at home I cut the triangle in half and we had it with some nice hot tea. Very nice for a tea and cake but not really sweet and the taste wasn't really identifiable. Definitely not cinnamon or a coffee cake flavor. Anyway, not bad at all, and I might try something else when I'm in the area again. Easy access by bus to Mutsumon bus stop or a ten minute walk from Nishitetsu Kurume Station.



830-0017 Fukuoka-ken, Kurume-shi, Hiyoshimachi, 16−23

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