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  • helloalissa

    on Sep 4

    For 108 yen, One Million Bakery

    One Million Bakery recently replaced another bakery, next to the supermarket on the first floor of our local Sun Live Mall. I giggled at the name and moved on.

    When I looked closer, I noticed One Million Bakery is a 100 yen bakery. All their items are 108 yen with tax, except a few tiny sweets that are a little less. Not a bad idea, as most of the French-style bakeries are 150 yen and up for each item.

    One Million Bakery has all the items you'd expect to see, plus pizza, sandwiches, and cake. The quality isn't bad for the price – but not amazing. The staff isn't as cheerful as in other bakeries, so maybe the cost comes out of their salaries.

    When I felt like eating junk food, I grabbed one of their 'pari pari buta nikuman' to supplement lunch. It's a pork bun wrapped in a big eggroll wrapper and deep fried. Delicious weird stuff. More recently I was researching cheesecake and picked up a slice of theirs, plus another of the pari pari nikuman and a freshly baked mentai France. Mentai France is a local favorite at Fukuoka bakeries – as mentaiko is the local specialty. It's a wonderful mini French baguette with mentaiko sauce and butter inside.

    This is a good option for a to-go bakery. There's no seating in the Kurume location, although there are a few tables in the 'food court' (which is only a McDonalds). They have free coffee in tiny cups as well, so we can stand there and drink coffee or bring it over to the tables.

    One Million Bakery is a chain in western Japan, under the company Ryoyu Pan, and locations can be found at their Japanese website here: http://www.ryoyupan.co.jp/shop/ 

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