Takekoma Shrine - 竹駒神社

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  • MamaKiyota

    on Oct 11

    Great Scenery!

    While not quite in Sendai City, Takekoma Shrine is one of the larger shrines in the area.

    The Shrine is about a 45 minute drive from the heart of Sendai but can also be accessed on foot by use of Iwanuma Station.

    The shrine itself is surrounded by large trees, statues, and a sizable pond. If you enjoy shrines, Takekoma shrine is must see spot! We had a great time walking around the shrine and enjoying all of the small details. There are descriptions on the statues, but of course they are in Japanese. I would have enjoyed the trip more if there was even a bit of English available, but none what so ever. The shrine also has a quite large offering area, with the standard washing area before you enter. Of course, the directions are in Japanese though. If you want to participate, I suggest looking up the shrine how to's in English before you go.

    Iwanuma is a bit of a far trip from Sendai, but it really is worth going if you want to see a decent sized shrine. If you go during a season where the plants are doing good, it is even more beautiful.

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