Sweets Fantasy Pacc'n Kids Park

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  • Saitama

    on Dec 16

    Expensive and small, but fun kids play area

    The kids park is one area of an amusement centre, Sweets Fantasy Pacc'n, on the 2nd floor of Peony Walk. It is fairly popular, but that is more to do with the fact that it is the only play area of its kind in that area. In comparison to all the other play centres in Saitama, it is very much on the expensive side, especially considering the size of the play area. They charge by twenty minute slots. On off peaks it is 300 yen for 20 minutes, but it is 500 yen on weekends. They also charge for babies, which is highly unusual, but if you keep them in a baby carrier, they won't charge you. They do watch to make sure you follow the rules. If their bum touches the floor of the play area even for a second or if they touch a toy, then they charge for the baby. Unfortunately, I kid you not! All that said; the kids love it. Especially toddlers and children younger than school going age. It has just the right amount of stuff for 20 minutes of play and maybe 40 minutes if you're child is under 4, but the kids do eventually get bored with the lack of equipment. All the equipment is padded. The balloon area on the mezzanine is particularly popular. The staff are a mixed bag: there are some friendly and helpful staff, but by and large I have found them to be neither friendly nor helpful. You get a wet tissue on your way out to wipe your hands after playing. Parking is shared with Peony Walk and is free and plentiful.

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