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  • Kasajizo

    Nom nom nabe

    Price: 4000 yen

    I went to this Izakaya with full confidence that it would be a mediocre experience. I`ve been to “that kind” of Izakaya many times and there is always something wrong somewhere. Usually it`s the mandatory appetizer for 300yen that you finish in one bite. Often it`s the 10% service charge on top of the usual 8% tax. At least there was no service charge this time.

    Sometimes your experience becomes all the more enjoyable because of the poor expectation you had in the first place. This is what happened at Chichiri near Kyobashi Station.

    It was a cold evening, so naturally we ordered one of those big pots that`s stuffed with vegetables, meat and soup. I was pleasantly surprised at how full I actually became. I finished the nabe and had completely forgotten I had ordered ochazuke as well. Oh well.

    A beer and a half later, I was very content with life and almost fell asleep at my table. Good thing you have your own little concave where you can close the door and lock yourself out from the world.

    All in all, Chichiri was a satisfying experience, although some of it had to do with my initial low expectations.

    You can find Chichiri right outside Kyobashi station in Osaka. The neighborhood is fairly good if you are looking for reasonable food and drink with a lot of salarymen.


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