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Coco Farm Winery

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  • edthethe

    Annual wine festival

    Price: 3000 yen

    It is a winery, so the cafe and gift shop are a bit pricey, but the atmosphere is sophisticated and classy. The annual festival is the best though. The 3000en price ticket gets you into the festival, but also comes with goods and your own bottle of wine or grape juice. Tons of people line the steep vineyard slopes with tarps, and everyone enjoys getting drunk. Local musicians volunteer to play during the two days. Its a festival, so there are food stands, but unlike the typical Japanese goings, there is paella, wine sorbet, and cheeses galore. Access to the festival is also convenient if you dont mind the crowds. There are shuttle buses to both the Tobu and JR train stations in Ashikaga. While on the bus, there is a documentary film about the vineyard. Basically, coco farm employs many who in the 50s wouldnt be hired anywhere else. They live onsite and tend the grounds even today.


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