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The Kitani Method Japanese


"6 times faster.  6 times cheaper.  6 times happier."

Impassioned and experienced linguist Mark Kitani, and his team of instructors, have been teaching Japanese to English speakers since 1994.

Employing the unique, effective, and efficient Kitani Method, over 20 years of experience has seen this school train more than 2,000 English-speaking, Japanese-language learners to competency and success.

Private classes or group lessons for two, can be conducted at students' homes or places of work. The Kitani Method Japanese specializes in English-speaking business people and their families.


The Kitani Method is designed specifically for English-speaking learners of Japanese. Based on a principle of comparative linguistics, the Kitani Method harnesses students' innate language knowledge to emphasise the simplicity of the Japanese language. By stripping away unnecessary repetition and explanation, beginners will learn the core structure of Japanese quickly and effectively. Through this structure, and by taking advantage of Japanese people's own knowledge of the English language, early-stage learners will soon be on the way to communicative competence and beyond.

Kitani Method teachers flesh out this structure to fit, and challenge, the needs of Japanese learners of all levels, to include reading of kanji, language competency in the workplace, and even translation of The Nikkei Shinbun (newspaper).

Teachers at The Kitani Method Japanese can prepare students for the JLPT up to N1. For early learners, after 150 hrs following the Kitani Method curriculum you will able to skip N4, and be prepared for N3. In half the time.

Communication-focused lessons are delivered using Japanese and English. Students will also be given 3 cutting-edge textbooks, and have access to a wealth of online materials. Online vocabulary and phrase contests add to the fun, and out-of-class activities give students the chance to interact with each other, Japanese people, and the local culture.

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Private classes from 5,940 yen per hour.



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