Sharing Experiences of Life in Japan

You've been invited to join City-Cost, the expat community of Japan. Start sharing your experiences and get points to exchange for shopping vouchers.

How to get started

You've been invited to join City-Cost, a community of expats sharing experience, info and advice about living in Japan through blog posts and more.

Follow the simple steps below to accept your invitation and get 400 points to exchange for shopping vouchers.

Step 1

Log in to City-Cost and follow the quick and easy steps to create an account / profile. You can log in to City-Cost either by email or with a Facebook account. After completion come back to this page.

Step 2

To accept your invitation hit the “Accept invitation !” button on this page. You’ll be taken to your “My page” on City-Cost from where you can start blogging and sharing your tips and experience about life in Japan.

Step 3

Create your first blog post within 30 days of accepting this invitation and 400 pts will be given to both you and the City-Cost user who invited you.

Invitation points added by 25th of each month (or next working day in the case of weekends/holidays) after profile / blog post content is checked for spam, This invitation link is active for 30 days from when first opened, Exchange your points for vouchers, 500 points = 1 × 500円 voucher, Valid for use in Japan only

Sharing experiences and joining community

City-Cost is a community of expats and bloggers sharing their experiences, tips and advice about life in Japan. Almost all actions performed on City-Cost are awarded with points which can be exchanged for shopping vouchers, a little more support for your life in Japan. Points are awarded for the following …


Create blog posts through which to share your experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Embed YouTube videos and maps, and upload your Japan pics through an easy-to-use post editor. Learn more about blogging here


Inform others like you by creating your own reviews about resources that you use in Japan, and that you would recommend to others or, indeed, recommend they stay away from! Honestly is the best policy here.

Answer Questions

Those who have questions about life in Japan can ask them via our ‘Q&A’ section. Lend your expertise by answering any one of these questions and you’ll be rewarded with points, and the satisfaction of helping others.

Best Answer

On the ‘Q&A’ those who ask questions are able to select that which they think is the best answer. Doing so will set that answer to the top of the page and extra points will be awarded to the user who contributed it.


Follow those bloggers whose posts speak to you and get updates when their latest post is published. Conversely, when your blog is followed points are awarded to you. More followers equals more points.

Tell Us

Answer our easy questions regarding life in Japan to help us make City-Cost as good as it can be and provide people with the service and content that they need.

Supporting your life in Japan

Ultimately City-Cost is all about helping people to get the most out of their time in Japan, be this as an outlet for their thoughts and creativity, a place to be part of a community, or a platform of information.


Access stats and data relating to life in each of Japan’s 47 prefectures. Fom Hokkaido in the north all the way down to the islands of Okinawa in the south.

Real Estate

Putting a roof over your head is never easy in any part of the world. Use our ‘Real Estate’ listings to find apartments and share houses managed by agencies and owners familiar with the needs of foreigners in Japan.

Cost of Living

Discover for yourself, before it’s too late, whether or not Japan really is as expensive as its reputation suggests. We’ve got loads of content related to the cost of living in Japan which will help you to budget and put your mind at ease.

Blogger Opportunities

Blog actively on City-Cost and keep your eyes open for opportunities to get more points, try your hand at new writing styles, and have your posts reach new audiences.


Whether you're already in Japan or interested in a life in Japan, City-Cost brings you the real Japan through the voices, experiences and advice of the expats who live here. Join them and have your voice heard.