About City-Cost

Welcome to City-Cost, a place where everyone living in Japan or thinking about life in Japan can share their experiences of life in the country, find the information they’re looking for, and feel a sense of community and support where everyone has been through that daunting feeling of starting a new life in new country.

Expats of all stripes come to City-Cost to publish and share with others their passions, observations, irritations, advice, and reviews about all things ‘life in Japan’. Through words, images, and video in a blog post. Through casual, honest, and friendly interaction via a Q&A forum, or through on the spot reviews of Japan resources. The content might not always be pretty (although it often is) but it is always real, authentic, and lived by people like you.

It’s City-Cost for a reason; Japan has a reputation for being costly. Sometimes this is fair. Sometimes not. You’ll find plenty of cost-focused content from our life-in-Japan savvy team which we hope will enable people to better budget for a life over here or, indeed, put minds at ease about the expense. Of course, we welcome similar content from our users, too.

Ultimately, the goal here is simple; better the lives of foreigners living in Japan, through community, outlet, and support.