Apr 11, 2018

Application for Municipal Housing Units

Applicants must be over 20 yrs of age, have lived or worked in Yokohama for the past six months minimum. Income restrictions apply. *The type of room depends on the applicants’ age and/or number of family members.

Limit: 650 units *Chosen by lottery.

To Apply: Between April 11 and April 20, please apply by filling in the application form available at any Ward Office’s Koho Sodan Kakari or at Gyosei Service Corner. *Entries must be postmarked by April 20.

Inquiries: Yokohama-shi Jutaku Kyokyu Kosha (045) 451-7777 (Japanese)

Application for Municipal Housing Units photo



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We at Yoke, in cooperation with local residents, promote the creation of a community in which foreign residents of our community can thrive and contribute.



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