Jul 11, 2019

YOKE Information Corner Translation Service

English translation service for some of the documents issued by the City of Yokohama is available. The types of documents are as follows:

(1) Family Register (Koseki Tohon and Koseki Shohon) *New type which is horizontally written, converted to data

(2) Juminhyo (Resident Certificate) issued by Yokohama. *Juminhyo that have My Number printed on them cannot be accepted.

*In addition to the translations, certificates of translation can be attached upon request (with fee).

Fee: 3,000~3,500 yen per document and 300 yen per certificate of translation. If you need two or more copies of the same translation, 300 yen for one additional copy.

To Apply: Please call YOKE in advance and make a reservation.

Location: YOKE

Inquiries: (045) 222-1209 (Mon-Fri: 10:00-11:30/12:30-16:30, 2nd and 4th Sat: 10:00-12:30)

Email: info.corner@yoke.or.jp


YOKE Information Corner Translation Service photo



The Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE) is a public interest incorporated foundation funded and supported by the City of Yokohama.

We at Yoke, in cooperation with local residents, promote the creation of a community in which foreign residents of our community can thrive and contribute.



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