Jul 7, 2018

Learn About the Public Sewage System

These are a series of excursions that visit water reclamation centers in the morning, and other fun facilities in the afternoon.


Aug.7 (Tue) 9:30 *Water Reclamation Center and Yokohama City Transportation Bureau Kawawa Depot

Aug.8 (Wed) 9:30 and Aug.9 (Tue) 9:00 *Water Reclamation Center and Zoorasia

Aug.10 (Fri) 9:30 *Water Reclamation Center and Yokohama Disaster Prevention Center

Aug.14 (Tue) 10:00 and Aug.15 (Wed) 10:00 *Water Reclamation Center and Earth Science Museum

Limit: 50 people each tour

Eligibility: Elementary school children and their guardians who live or go to school in Yokohama. (Children must be accompanied by guardians.)

Fee: Free *Please bring your own lunches and drinks.

To Apply: From July 11, please call the Water Reclamation Center you would like to visit. *check the following website.

Inquiries & Applications: Kankyo Sozo-kyoku Gesuido Shisetsu Kanri-ka (045) 671-3969 (Japanese) 

Learn About the Public Sewage System photo



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