Dec 5, 2018

Special Nighttime HIV and Syphilis Testing

As part of the World Aids Day program, nighttime testing for HIV and Syphilis will be carried out.

Date&Time: (1) Dec. 13 (Thu) for men (2) Jan. 10 (Thu) 2019 for women, reception for both between 18:00-19:30.

(You may come on the day of the gender which you identify yourself as.) Results will be ready a week later.

Location: Yokohama AIDS Shimin Katsudo Center (Yokohama AIDS Action and Information Center), 1 min walk from JR Kannai Stn.

Fee: Free

To Apply: Please go directly to the location during the reception time.

Inquiries: Kenko Fukushi-kyoku Kenko Anzen-ka (045) 671-2729 (Japanese)

Hotline during reception time: (045) 201-8830 (Japanese)

Special Nighttime HIV and Syphilis Testing photo



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